08Mar 2018

Life In A Luxury Hotel

Life In A Luxury Hotel

I recently took a small vacation to Naples Florida with my husband back in January of this year. We stayed at the wonderful Ritz-Carlton Resort.
As soon you enter the lobby you could tell why this is a five-star resort

The interiors were pure luxury. The design of the hotel was not your typical Florida hotel design. They didn’t use what you would expect of pastel beach colors. The only flamingo pink I could found was in the gift shop.
The design of the hotel was more of my style of new traditional chic. Formal furniture that has clean lines, with comfort in mind, the use of luxury fabrics, and beautiful lighting. Always a little sparkle.
Want to be inspired to have luxury hotel interiors? Here is way to incorporate in your home.

Keep it simple don’t over clutter the room with furnishing and accessories.

Hall Table photo by Joy Pupel

Hall Table photo by Joy Pupel

As a designer, I recommend to achieve the new traditional style that the furniture is a classic silhouette with new details.

RC seating

For seating furniture, it’s about comfort and clean lines.

RC spa lighting

Crystal Chandelier photo by Joy Pupel

RC Lighting

Drum Light photo by Joy Pupel

I will tell you that lighting is always importing. I love to add a little sparkle. With finishes and details for example, crystals in chandeliers, metal finishes, and glass bases or shades. The sparkle makes the room sings.

When it comes to window treatments new traditional style is not heavy drapery and eliminate swag valence. Keep it simple.

RC room wt
I love how they built a valence around the window treatment, so you cannot see the hardware.
This was one of the only Florida details that I could find in the resort with stationary shutters.

Lighted Mirror photo by Joy Pupel

Lighted Mirror photo by Joy Pupel

In the bath can we say marble. The marble has a glossy finish that adds a little sparkle. A glam mirror with backlighting will make anybody look gorgeous. If you have room to add a water closet for privacy, how luxurious is that?

photo by Joy Pupel

photo by Joy Pupel

Let’s talk about the bed, I think the biggest trend I’ve been seeing for the past five years is beautiful oversize upholster headboards. Wouldn’t you love to have breakfast in bed delivered to you this bed?

Luxury living doesn’t have to be an expensive hotel vacation. You can also have that five-star hotel design in your home.

Ritz-Carlton Naples Florida  photo by Joy Pupel

Ritz-Carlton Naples Florida photo by Joy Pupel

I must thank the staff at the Ritz-Carlton Naples Florida resort. The staff at the resort was so friendly, polite, professional, and always had a smile. They treated us like we were the most important guest that was staying at the hotel.
Special thanks to Danielle Travis the public relations manager at the resort for allowing me access to fresh room for my photos.

Book your reservation with me to design your next luxury hotel home.



13Feb 2018

Romance In The Bedroom

Day of love is just around the corner and I can give some ideas on how to have a romantic bedroom decor in your love nest. These simple steps will add a romantic setting.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects with a soft glow that makes it soothing and romantic. Don’t use harsh lighting from an overhead lighting fixture. Try a table lamp or even a chandelier these are the perfect ambiance lighting.

ceiling lighting

Lighting photo by Hunter Bridewell

The soft color palette in blues, creams, pastels, grays, and for a fun dramatic style why not all black room. Avoid strong, bold colors like red, orange, and chartreuse green. Even though red is always connected to love, it’s too strong for a romantic bedroom.

The center of the bedroom is the bed. A cozy bed is a wonderful way to start with. Here’s are a few bed styles that say, love, upholstered headboard, poster bed with a canopy with sheer fabric, and sleigh bed give you a feeling of being embraced with headboard and foot board. These beds will speak the language of love.

Lake house photo by Joy Pupel

Lake house photo by Joy Pupel

What makes the bed even a more special love nest is the bedding. Envelope yourself in a beautiful comforter in a soft fabric. When it comes to the bedding its all about the layers that make a pretty bed. Just don’t through a comforter on the bed but add pillows as part of the layers. Try using pillows of different fabrics, laces, tassels, and some inspirational quotes on the pillows of love.

To add romance to a room with another layer is adding wallpaper/wall covering. Wallpaper can be so romantic with color and patterns. Wall covering is when using fabric to cover the walls and it can shut out the outside world as a sound bare when use padding between the wall and fabric. Wall covering gives a sense of serenity.

Window treatments are just as important to the finished room if you use soft fabric for shades or long panels. They have a function to control the lighting in the room and sound. Besides having a function, they can also be romantic just like the pillows with their fabrics, laces, and trim.

The bedroom is the first place you start your day and it’s the last place you end your day. So why not make a bedroom give add serenity and love to a romantic setting. If you are married or in a relationship want to draw someone in your life make the bedroom your place for love.  Set the mood with these simple and easy tips.

The bedroom is the first place you start your day and it’s the last place you end your day. So why not make a bedroom give add serenity and love to a romantic setting. If you are married or in a relationship want to draw someone in your life make the bedroom your place for love.  Set the mood with these simple and easy tips.

Love your bedroom now. Let me help you build a romantic bedroom contact me at

joy@grcreativespaces.com  http://grcreativespaces.com/design-packages/

01May 2017

The Fifth Wall – Ceiling Design

Have you just laid in bed, looking up at the ceiling and wonder why does it have to be white?

If you ever look at ceilings notice they are just plain white. 90% of all ceilings are The Fifth Wall white boring lacking interest doesn’t say anything except I’m a flat surface.

Well your ceilings doesn’t have to be the boring flat no life colorless plain surface. It can be anything you want it to be, by adding bold colors with paint. Why not a gorgeous bright red glossy finish or rich black color even perhaps a light fresh sky blue to make that ceiling rise above the room

Tin Panels

Tin Panels image by Bob Villa

In the Victorian era, they would use tin panels. The tin panels were embossed with beautiful pattern details. It made for a wonderful architectural detail.

Tongue And Groove

Tongue And Groove image by BFerry -Woodhouse

Mid-Century style homes from the 50’s & 60’s used tongue and groove wood slates for ceilings designs with exposed beams. This was considered a modern detail.

Today you have many options to cover your ceiling. For example reclaimed lumber is very hot right now. You can also use fabric for pattern, texture, and warmth.

Wall covering ceiling

Wall covering ceiling image by Elizabeth Gorde

People don’t think of their ceiling as another wall but if you look at it it’s your fifth wall, like the vertical wall are flat so are ceilings another flat surface. Unlike floors you don’t need heavy duty materials to protect your ceiling because you not going be walking on them. Try using wallpaper for a interesting design feature. A great example for this application would be in a small half-bath.

For instance, if you live in the older home with plaster ceilings that may have cracks from water damage but you do not want to pay the cost of repairs of plaster.  This would be a great opportunity to and cover your ceilings with a unique and different finish.

If you would like to learn more about some fun and different ceiling options please contact me at:

joy@grcreativespaces.com  Book your appointment and let’s talk http://grcreativespaces.com/design-packages/

10Sep 2014

Heritage Hill Kitchen Project

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.42.15 AM

Many people have asked me about the kitchen project I designed that is featured on the Creative Spaces & Designs website. www.grcreativespaces.com The home is located in the beautiful historical neighborhood of Heritage Hill in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was first owned by the Herpolsheimer family that operated the Herolshimer’s department store in Grand Rapids and is mentioned in the 2004 movie “The Polar Express.” The home was built in 1923 and has many of the original architectural detail still in the interior and exteriors. The current home owner wanted to update the kitchen in a modern and transitional style.

Kitchen East Wall View

To achieve a modern style and not have a choppy feeling through-out the home. We incorporated natural cherry cabinets with slab door front. The wood finish works nicely with the original wood trim and molding that can be found through-out the home.


Kitchen North Wall Top View

The countertops are made from concrete that where custom designed with a sink and drainage boards. The backsplash is the most ask question of the project. “What did you use for the backsplash?” It is a metal copper laminate. The flooring is cork with custom radiant heat. Cork flooring is a wonderful for kitchen because it will cushion your feet while you are working in the spaces.

If you would like to know more about this kitchen and how Creative Spaces & Designs can help you design your dream kitchen please contact us at info@grcreativespaces.com or 616-706-7349

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03Aug 2014

Today’s wallpaper

Wallpaper or wallcovering are making a strong come back. They are not the 80’s English Floral design wallpaper. They are now oversize patterns and bold colors. Wallcovering is a great way to add interest to any space with depth, texture, and architectural detail. It can be used as an accent wall or a complete room, and lets not forget the fifth wall the ceiling.

For example grasscloth wallpaper is traditional wallcovering will never go out of style, but You can now find glasscloth paper in fun bright colors you may desire.

Geometric patterns are a stylish patterns that makes for a good neutral pattern. The new geometric wire frame pattern is cool updated look. Floral pattern are now done in beautiful oversize scale patterns palettes of colors that are contrast and would never been used together 10 years ago

Wallcovering is now more fun than ever before. It’s not just florals, stripes, or plaids. It’s large fun animals silhouettes prints, sculls, or metallic. All these wonderful patterns and textural elements are now available because of technology. With new print processes and HD imaging, allows my clients more way to reflect their lifestyle in their designs projects.

I recently use wallpaper by Candice Olson. It was a gray-blue tone with dimensional surface sand embed in to the pattern of a white swirly ribbon stripe. This paper was perfect for the lake house project a casual elegant cottage. #wallpaper #wallcovering #design #trends #candiseolson #creativespaces&designs #grcreativespacess @grcreativespace

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