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01Mar 2017

Digital Interior Design

Digital Interior Design

Digital Interior Design

Creative Spaces & Designs is happy to offer e-Design to all our clients.

What is e-Design? A e-Design is service provided by Creative Spaces & Designs which is ideal for the client that does not have time to work with a designer but needs help from a professional designer for inspiration. The perfect solution for the DIY with all the needed tools to guide you down the path of Interior design.

With a one time flat fee per room you will receive a design package, complete with all you will need to personalize your spaces. The package will fit for your budget and allows you to accomplish a well design space in your timeline.

This service is available cross the US and abroad.

Creative Spaces & Design has 5 packages to select from. Just pick the one that best fits your needs now.

Let’s Talk: Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk.


Now is the time for Q&A with the designer. You will be working with a professional designer that will give you valuable advice for 1 hour.


Let’s have a second cup:  A 1hour in home evaluation Q&A again you will be working with a professional designer to answer your design dilemmas.

I’ve found that most of my clients prefer this package to start with because it gives me a better scope of your design needs and wants and allows me to have better understanding of your spaces.

Let’s Move on: This is for the client that don’t have time to work with a designer but needs help from a designer. A complete room make over.

What’s in the e-Design package

You will receive the following


  1. Floor Plan with Furnishings
  2. 2-Style Board
  3. 3D rendering
  4. Paint Color Selection
  5. Product Listing


Let’s Get Cooking: Have you been fantasizing about your ideal Kitchen? This package is a custom kitchen design. If you are building or renovating, your kitchen this will make you want to cook all the time. A good functional kitchen makes life so much easier and fun to be in.

Refresh Your Space: Designer for the day is a great way to update your home with what you have already. It’s a budget friendly way to give your spaces a new fresh look.

I will come in to your home then work with what you already have. I will steal from other rooms for furniture and accessories. Move furniture with my team if needed.

This is a 6-hour revamp working section.

To find more information go to Creative Spaces & Design website http://grcreativespaces.com/design-packages/


14Jun 2016

Staging Your Home For A Quick Sale

How can you make your home stand out during the busiest time of year for real estate? By staging it to sell.

Home staging is preparing a residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for top asking price. Staging techniques focus on improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming and attractive home.

Before Home staging 906035CE-9F66-4061-A1A8-F9F1C6C50803


After Home staging 7444E2B6-102B-4C64-8DC2-042FA65025D7 461BCBFA-0136-4EAF-B98B-9DD0BB8B4C20

9A60FFC0-CE31-4963-8559-1061D805342CPhotos By Elise Kutt  www.modbettie.com

First impressions are very important in selling your home. That’s why home staging is so essential to make that first impression a good and lasting one for anyone who enters your home or view it on line. Currently 90% of all real estate is seen on line before potential buyers will step in to any home.

Home staging can reduce a listing’s time on the market by one third to half, and could fetch as much as 6% to 20% more than a non- staged.

According to National Association of Realtors

Most important rooms to be staged:

 Rank of Importance: Room

1 Living Room

2 Kitchen

3 Master Bedroom

4 Dining Room

5 Bathroom

6 Children’s Bedroom

7 Guest Bedroom

Home staging is not a major remodeling project at all. In many cases it involves just rearranging furniture, decluttering, and cleaning.  Priority is space planning.  This is important because you want to show the scale of the room, function of the space, and help the future owner to visualize them self-living there. Remember the goal is to sell the home.

If you would like a Free check list for your home to sell quickly please contact us.    info@grcreativespaces.com

02Mar 2015

Tips for pet friendly products for your home.

Being a mother of 2 fur babies, a chocolate Labrador name Snickers and a beautiful black cat name Sammy, I have learned how to select interior products that are resistance against pets and daily use.

Flooring: Carpet or hard surface has positive and negative uses for pet owner’s.
Carpet; Positive is soft on your feet, provides warmth and is inexpensive to install. The negatives, they are hair collectors, pet stains and odors are easily noticeable. Use of a good vacuum cleaner and a shampoo carpet deep cleaner will help prolong the carpet wear and tear.

Hardwood floors positive, easy to clean pet hair and dust. They add value to your home. Negative; wood flooring will show scratches from pet claws and pet urine will leave dark spots. Solution to restore wood flooring is striping the floor surface and refinishing them. Urine stains maybe visible after refinishing the floors. Another option is laminate wood flooring a durable and a cost-effective alternative with a resin top cover.

Bamboo is a new alternative because it is the hardest of the hardwood flooring options this makes for a good pet friendly choice. Pet stains and scratches still occur but will not be as noticeable.

Tile flooring; Positive is easy to care for pet owners because it does not scratch easily and pet stains will most likely not stain the tile. Negatives are tile can chip or crack and grout can discolor so make sure a good grout sealer is used to block staining.

There is new pet friendly carpet available on the market so when shopping for flooring asks for these products.

Upholstery seating, as we would like are pets not to jump up on the furniture, they are going to still do it. Microfiber fabric is stain resistance. The material is the tightest weave fabric and has the most thread count, this makes for a durable fabric. Microfibers have improved in the past few years with colors, patterns, and texture. Fabric seating will stain, holds pet odors, and tears. You can only use Febreze for so long.

I have found leather to be the best for material for seating. Positives are it is hair resistance, and easy to clean off muddy paw prints and it does not hold pet smells. Negatives are claws can scratch and over years the leather softens up, and will break down and tears easily. When purchasing a leather sofa make sure it is protective leather which is treated leather and is more scratch resistance.

If you need assistance in your selection of flooring and furniture or more tips please contact me at joy@grcreativespaces.com


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