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Why you should add plants in your home

Why you should add plants in your home

Why you should add plants in your home.

 Green plants have a huge benefit for a better home environment. Plants will make any space feel bright, colorful, and welcoming. Plants can fit in any  spaces décor from chic, bohemian, rustic, and classic style,

You do not need to be a green thumb expert.

Trends in plants.

  1. Trends – for the non-green thumb person are Succulents plants, they are very trendy now. Require very little maintenance, inexpensive, colorful, and perfect for small apartments. Succulents plants are being seen in ego-terrariums and concrete plants.

greenery wedding

  • Greenery is this wedding season’s biggest trend for wedding centerpieces and bridle bouquets. Creative Spaces & Designs is doing a wedding this fall base on the greenery trend
  • Pinterest has thousands of boards pins with plants ideas for home décor.
  • Vintage planter fill with shapely leafy plants for the Bohemian style. I love using vintage white pottery for my plants.
  • Vining hanging plants with macramé hanger
  • Air plants

These are only a few trends in home plants.

Health benefits from plants

  1. Heath – Plants do release oxygen and moisture in to the air and this provides a natural air filler. Some plants can effectively absorbs pollutants emitted in to the air from carpets, furniture, and other synthetic materials these are called off gas. The plants that work best for cleaning the indoor air are


  • Spider plants     spider plant
  • Boston ferns     Boston Fren
  • Rubber tree plant    rubber-plant
  • Palm trees            Plam tree

By bringing in outdoors with plants this helps lowers your stress level. That is why it is ideal to place plants in offices and healthcare environments.

  1. Feng Shui – Philosophy in Feng Shui spring season is for new beings, growth, and expansion. Plants are used to represent the season of energy.

The following are some of the plants used for this season.

  • Pothos          pothos-potted-plant
  • Orchard                    potted-orchid-plant-blooming-plant-PL00909.425
  • Lucky Bamboo       lucky baboo

Plants with a purpose

  1. Herbs – Herbs plants are a wonderful way to add greenery with a purpose for cooking. They can be grown on a window sill and add flavor to your cooking, and provide a delicious aroma.


Don’t forget to try a blooming plant, for example a tulip, daffodils, or a hyacinth. This is a great time of year to pick up a bulb plant with vibrant colors and appealing smells.

Finally any plant will make a pleasant gift for any occasion. You can never go wrong with a plant in any space in your home of work places. By adding a plant you add a lot to your health and interior décor.

02Mar 2015

Tips for pet friendly products for your home.

Being a mother of 2 fur babies, a chocolate Labrador name Snickers and a beautiful black cat name Sammy, I have learned how to select interior products that are resistance against pets and daily use.

Flooring: Carpet or hard surface has positive and negative uses for pet owner’s.
Carpet; Positive is soft on your feet, provides warmth and is inexpensive to install. The negatives, they are hair collectors, pet stains and odors are easily noticeable. Use of a good vacuum cleaner and a shampoo carpet deep cleaner will help prolong the carpet wear and tear.

Hardwood floors positive, easy to clean pet hair and dust. They add value to your home. Negative; wood flooring will show scratches from pet claws and pet urine will leave dark spots. Solution to restore wood flooring is striping the floor surface and refinishing them. Urine stains maybe visible after refinishing the floors. Another option is laminate wood flooring a durable and a cost-effective alternative with a resin top cover.

Bamboo is a new alternative because it is the hardest of the hardwood flooring options this makes for a good pet friendly choice. Pet stains and scratches still occur but will not be as noticeable.

Tile flooring; Positive is easy to care for pet owners because it does not scratch easily and pet stains will most likely not stain the tile. Negatives are tile can chip or crack and grout can discolor so make sure a good grout sealer is used to block staining.

There is new pet friendly carpet available on the market so when shopping for flooring asks for these products.

Upholstery seating, as we would like are pets not to jump up on the furniture, they are going to still do it. Microfiber fabric is stain resistance. The material is the tightest weave fabric and has the most thread count, this makes for a durable fabric. Microfibers have improved in the past few years with colors, patterns, and texture. Fabric seating will stain, holds pet odors, and tears. You can only use Febreze for so long.

I have found leather to be the best for material for seating. Positives are it is hair resistance, and easy to clean off muddy paw prints and it does not hold pet smells. Negatives are claws can scratch and over years the leather softens up, and will break down and tears easily. When purchasing a leather sofa make sure it is protective leather which is treated leather and is more scratch resistance.

If you need assistance in your selection of flooring and furniture or more tips please contact me at


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